Flexcover Combi Plus

Extra runs instead of empty runs

With the Combiliner Flexcover Combi Plus – Version 3.0, we have added a highly flexible transportation system to our Industrial & Agriculture product range. With Version 3.0, many features of our solution for the alternate transportation of solids and liquids without conversion have been further optimised. The Flexcover Combi Plus solution features an aluminium truck tipper body with a modular extension incorporating a flexible transport container to allow alternate journeys with liquids and solids.

Innovative character

Without the extension, the aluminium tipper body is available with approx. 47.5 m³ or 53 m³ volumetric capacity for solid bulk materials. The system tailgate – through which the standard tailgate is replaced by a pump installation and flexible transport container – allows both solid and liquid goods to be carried. Use of a high-strength PVC/TPU membrane with high chemical resistance enables the container to accommodate not only liquid manure, but also water, liquid feed, brine solutions and many other liquids. The compactly installed system solution in the volume tailgate ensures that the full volumetric capacity of the tipper body is available for solids. The system tailgate is quick and easy to dismantle for replacement by a standard tailgate that frees up an additional payload of 1,200 kg. Due to its small overall length, the truck body remains compact and manoeuvrable. The optional inclusion of a self-steering axle or OptiTurn can further enhance the already high manoeuvrability.


Progress through digitisation

Digital control options by means of a touch panel provide users with visual representations of active processes for surveillance purposes. It is also possible to link up a network camera installed inside the truck tipper body to the touch panel display, which can then serve as a monitor. These digital functions are complemented by a network connection for remote maintenance.


  • Flexible storage tank, roll-out by pumping system, roll-up hydraulically

  • Partition makes vehicle suitable for solids transportation

  • Remote control open/close tailgate, fill/empty

  • Manure agitation function

  • Gate valve system for filling and emptying with external pump

  • Visual and acoustic „Container full“ signal

  • Swivel coupling, 6“ feed pipes

  • Börger FL1036 pump – 6,000 l/min (MIP casing liners and weight optimization)

  • Additional, automatically opening, standard aluminium tailgate with slider and dust bag

  • Support legs for both tailgate models

Features flexible storage tank

  • PVC coated woven fabrik, increased UV-resistant finish

  • High resistance to damage by flexing; no cracks after 100,000 flexures

  • Temperature stability - 30° C up to + 70° C

  • Chemically resistant against liquid manure, acid, ammonium nitrate and others

System benefits

The transport combination Flexcover Combi Plus solves the tasks of to date two vehicles – a great economic and ecological benefit. Tipping of the trailer is not affected by the volume tailgate, in addition, the tailgate can be opened over 90° degree without difficulty to unload solids. This gives the opportunity to transport pallets, straw or other unit loads. For seasonal transports, such as sugar beet roots, the volume tailgate is easily and efficiently replaced by the standard tailgate. Thereby, maximum load capacity increases about 1,000 kg. Another benefit of the system is the low loading height of approx. 3.60 m.


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