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The textile ventilation tubes from HUESKER's Light and Air range offer a unique environmental control concept for all types of animal housing. Boasting years of experience in the provision of ventilation systems for livestock buildings, HUESKER, partnered by VET.SMART, can deliver the ideal all-round solution for your housings.


Détails sur l'objet

Respiratory tract diseases are often the result of poor environmental conditions in livestock buildings and remain a common cause of pulmonary illness. Active ventilation is a crucial preventive measure. systems are custom-designed for both new and existing animal housings. Experienced veterinary surgeons work in tandem with our sales partners to conduct a precise analysis of the key factors, including the height, volume and exposure of the livestock buildings as well as the age and constitution of the animals. If required, our consulting service can be complemented by pre- and post-installation microbial measurements. The system comprises a fan connected to a ventilation tube, the two components being designed to meet the particular requirements. One key innovation lies in the air outlet holes: these are configured to provide the animals with a continuous and draught-free supply of fresh outdoor air. Direct ventilation can be designed out for those areas frequently occupied by persons.

Benefit from the advantages of our smart ventilation tubes

  • Project-specific size calculation
  • Draught- and contaminant-free fresh outdoor air supply
  • All-in system, including fan
  • On-site veterinary consulting session included
  • Pre- and post-installation microbial measurements on request
  • Suitable for all livestock types

Why choose

The cutting-edge ventilation system improves both the health and productivity of farm animals. As studies show, installation of the ventilation tubes brings about significant cuts in treatment costs and an accordingly short payback period for your investment. The customized system, backed up by sound veterinary expertise, clearly sets apart from all other agricultural ventilation products. The fact that even minor errors in the design calculations for the tubes can severely compromise the health of livestock makes the support of out-and-out subject experts an absolute must.