Armature de base du barrage avec géotextiles
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Basal Reinforcement

Straightforward reinforcement and stabilisation of embankment base

The actual embankment construction operations are preceded by preparatory works to the embankment base. HUESKER's Stabilenka reinforcement fabric, a woven geotextile with tensile strengths of up to 2,800 kN/m, ensures the safe accommodation and distribution of vertical embankment loads and lateral spread. The use of Stabilenka as soil reinforcement speeds up operations, shortens waiting times for subsoil consolidation and allows maximisation of the slope inclination during construction.


  • Embankments with high structural stability

  • Narrower embankment base with accordingly lower fill requirement

  • Single-layer installation thanks to high tensile strengths

  • Accommodation of differential settlement

  • Also suitable for highly alkaline soils

  • Numerous product certifications