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Tectura folding front

The front for large door openings and passageways with high wind loads

The Tectura folding front is ideal for openings indoors and outdoors up to 20 metres wide and 10 metres high. The front is the ideal solution for industrial and commercial companies that want to protect e.g. machine or cold storage halls against the weather. The folding door opens from the bottom to the top, while the curtain is gathered together. The space required for the folding process of approx. 20 centimetres should be taken into account during planning. Welded-on cross straps give the horizontal high-frequency welded PES/PVC fabrics additional stability and durability. For the fabrics, there is a choice between different materials and different colours.

The curtain roller door is driven either by 400 V plug-on motors or 230 V tubular motors. A manual drive with manual shaft drive (HWA) is a cost-effective alternative. The front can be optionally equipped with a radio remote control, so that the folding door can be opened or closed from a greater distance, e.g. from a vehicle. A safety edge is installed to ensure full operational safety. The front is equipped with two different controls depending on the choice of motor manufacturer. Both controls guarantee simple and safe operation by means of integrated buttons with defined up, stop and down commands. Optionally, the drive unit can be equipped with a weather protection cover and is thus additionally protected from the weather. Thanks to a steel winding shaft and lateral aluminium guide rails, the tarpaulin roller shutter can be opened or closed safely even with high wind loads (up to wind class 2). Draughts are reliably prevented by the sealing lips of the guide rails. To guarantee complete closure when closed, the folding front is equipped with a magnetic door lock.

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Long service life due to robust technology

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Economical solution for large Openings

Product advantages

  • Suitable for daily opening and closing
  • Long service life due to robust technology
  • Economical solution for large openings
  • Large wind load capacity
  • No downtime in case of damage
  • Customisation options, e.g. through printing, use of different fabrics and tarpaulins in one door

Technical Data

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
Wind load

Wind class 2
(higher wind classes on request)


20,00 m width x 10,00 m high
(larger dimensions on request)

Opening speed4 m ~ 30 sec
Space requirement drive~ 20 cm x 20 cm
Door protection

Height: 11 cm / 100 cm opening height
+ 25 cm overhang strip

~ Width: 10 cm
  • Slip-on drive 400 V/50 Hz
  • Tubular motor 120 Nm/50 Hz
  • HWA: 120 Nm manual drive with hand chain
  • Safety contact strip
  • Shaft-mounted motor with gear breakage protection
  • Automatic magnetic door locking
Radio remote controlOnly in combination with the safety contact strip
  • PVC coated PES fabric
  • Wind protection net for fresh air ventilation
  • Different colours available
  • Steel winding shaft
  • Aluminium guide rail and spare parts
  • Horizontal HF welded PES/PVC fabric



Alternative with extra frame:
Fabric measurements:
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Are you interested in a folding front?

Send us an enquiry and we will calculate the right folding front solution for you. Are you unsure which Tectura solution is best suited to your area of application? Please contact our sales department, we will be happy to assist you!

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Material overview

Net PES-PVC 73 52.144
Net PES-PVC 40/40
Net PES-PVC 92 60/60-1
Tarpaulin PES-PVC 6.5

Technical data

MaterialPES mesh fabric with PVC coating

PES mesh fabric with PVC coating on both sides

Mass per unit areaCa. 250 g/m²Ca. 360 g/m2Ca. 450 g/m2Ca. 650 g/m2
Wind brakingCa. 90 %Ca. 40 %Ca. 94 % 
  • Couleur noire Black
  • Couleur grise Grey
  • Couleur vert foncé Dark green
  • Couleur noireBlack
  • Couleur vert foncéDark green
  • Couleur noire Black
  • Couleur beige Beige
  • Couleur grise Grey
  • Couleur vert foncé Dark green
  • Couleur marron Brown
  • Couleur noire Black
  • Couleur beige Beige
  • Couleur grise Grey
  • Couleur vert foncé Dark green
  • Couleur blanche White


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