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Tectura Stabidoor

The door with high wind resistance for door openings of halls

The Tectura Stabidoor is designed for use in light or cold storage halls. Interior and exterior openings up to 6 metres wide and 6 metres high can be easily opened and closed with the tarpaulin roller door. The contents of the hall are optimally protected from the weather by the door.

The fabric rolldoor opens from the bottom to the top, rolling up the curtain. The small space requirement and installation space for the door and the technology make the Stabidoor perfect for rental halls or temporary storage facilities. The horizontal tubes in combination with the high-frequency welded PES/PVC fabrics ensure high stability and a large wind load capacity. Various materials and colours are available. For example, the gate can also be produced with "viewing windows" made of transparent PVC.

The textile sectional door can be opened and closed either with a 400 V drive or a 230 V tubular motor. A manual drive with hand chain is available as an inexpensive option. For both motor types, a 4-channel radio remote control can be supplied. This allows the windbreak door to be easily operated from greater distances. Depending on the choice of motor, different controls are available. Both controls are characterised by simple operation and high reliability. With integrated up, stop and down command buttons, the control technology is low-maintenance. The drive technology is provided with a weather protection cover. To guarantee safe opening and closing even under high wind loads, the Stabitor is equipped with a magnetic lock that locks and unlocks automatically. The laterally sealed aluminium guide rails prevent draughts.

Quick and uncomplicated assembly is possible thanks to factory pre-assembly. The door is assembled and factory-tested at HUESKER's production facility. The upper and lower end positions are set. The complete door is then delivered in one package directly to the delivery address. On site, the fitters can simply dock the film door onto weather protection halls or machine halls and install it. This virtually guarantees the exclusion of installation errors and a cost-effective installation of your door system.

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Optimal for passage with vehicles

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Fast and cost-effective final assembly due to pre-assembly ex works

Product advantages

  • Optimal for vehicle passage
  • Fast and cost-effective final assembly due to pre-assembly prior to despatch
  • Storm protection - opening and closing possible under high wind loads
  • Weatherproof and draught-free closing of door openings
  • Can be customised with different fabrics

Technical data

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
Wind load

Wind class 4
(higher wind classes on request)

Dimensions6,00 m width x 6,00 m height
Opening time5 m ~ 30 sec
Space requirement drive~ 36 cm width x 52 cm height
  • Slip-on drive 400 V/50 Hz
  • Tubular motor 120 Nm/50 Hz
  • HWA: 120 Nm manual drive with hand chain
  • Safety edge
  • Shaft-mounted motor with gear breakage protection
  • Automatic magnetic door locking
Radio remote control4-channel hand-held transmitter (without safety barrier)
  • PVC-coated PES fabric
  • Wind protection net for fresh air ventilation
  • Various colours available
  • PVC clear view window:
    ~ 54.5 cm to 79.5 cm height
  • Textile drive cover
  • Steel winding shaft
  • Aluminium guide rail
  • Horizontal HF-welded PES/PVC fabric



Alternative: Door width B is 29 cm larger


Fabric measurements:
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Material overview

Net PES-PVC 73 52.144
Net PES-PVC 40/40
Net PES-PVC 92 60/60-1
Tarpaulin PES-PVC 6.5

Technical data


PES mesh fabric with PVC coating

PES mesh fabric with PVC coating on both sides

Mass per unit areaCa. 250 g/m²Ca. 360 g/m2Ca. 450 g/m2Ca. 650 g/m2
Wind brakingCa. 90 %Ca. 40 %Ca. 94 % 
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Dark green
  • Black
  • Dark green
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Dark green
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Dark green
  • White


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